Younger Justice: Phantoms – The entire Aquaman Connections Defined


Lori is possibly the oldest persona within the bunch, created to be Superman’s magical mermaid ex-girlfriend within the past due Nineteen Fifties. She hails from Tritonis, a metropolis of finny merfolk historically set towards Poseidonis, which we will think is the town that Arthur Curry represents within the episode and is house to Commander Ondine and Vulko, the Ministers of Safety and Science, respectively, presented by way of Arthur to the gang. You almost certainly take into accout Vulko as Aquaman and Mera’s most sensible marketing consultant from the film – he’s an previous persona, relationship again to the ’60s. Ondine is more moderen, presented in 2017 as Vulko’s bodyguard and a former member of Mera’s Widowhood, the gang of conflict widows tasked with coaching and advising Atlantean Queens.


Topo is Aquaman’s octopus sidekick within the comics and within the previous ‘60s Aquaman cool animated film. Right here he’s been reimagined as…there’s no simple strategy to put this…he’s a Deviant. Lemuria didn’t exist within the DC Universe previous to this episode. Nevertheless it does exist in a single comedian e book universe: Lemuria is house to the race of foes to the Eternals, the Deviants, within the Wonder Universe. The short mutating monster race has spawned a number of Wonder beasts that undergo a passing resemblance to the eldrich horror we see on this episode, and I promise that’s the place the reference got here from.


Everyone knows King Shark, the loveable scamp who bites other people in part in James Gunn’s masterpiece The Suicide Squad. Right here he’s much less scampy (GET IT?) and extra belligerent baby-kisser, coming into a bar struggle with Kaldur and pals, and shouting down the desk over floor dweller-caused local weather exchange and what he perceives as their coddling by the hands of his colleagues on the desk. This King Shark is a lot more subtle than his opposite numbers in comics or the flicks normally are. 


Emissary Coral is the primary of a number of characters on this episode who have been first advanced within the Younger Justice tie-in comics which are actually a complete decade previous. She is pregnant with both Wyynde (Kaldur’s absolute best good friend and royal guard) or Lagoon Boy’s kid (they’re a throuple), and primary seemed as a member of the Conservatory of Magic within the background of an episode within the first season, then used to be extra fleshed out in Younger Justice #14.

Wyynde and Beluga Boy (who ultimately grows into the funny story despatched by way of Xebel to disrespect the council) are the others. Xebel, by way of the by way of, is Mera’s house, stuffed with grumpy renegades based by way of Atlantean outcasts who’re usually rather talented with magic. It’s the most recent of those city-states now not created for this episode, at the start showing in Brightest Day, the Blackest Night time practice up in 2010.


The overall member of the council is Kaldur’s father, Calvin Durham. He’s now not Kaldur’s organic father, however quite an adoptive one: he used to be a former henchman of Black Manta’s who raised Kaldur as his personal after Kaldur’s mom, Sha’lain’a, leaves the villain. This Calvin is fascinating: he’s it sounds as if a human who used to be genetically altered to have gills so he may infiltrate Atlantis and take down Aquaman. 


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