Westworld Season 4 Trailer Teases Go back to the Park

It’s the damndest factor: after spending two complete seasons looking to get out of the park, probably the most engaging factor about HBO’s new enigmatic teaser trailer for Westworld Season 4 is the recommendation the robots may well be going house. Have you ever ever observed the rest so stuffed with splendor?

It’s arduous to mention differently whilst gazing the brand new Westworld trailer. There we once more see the brilliant blue skies and vast open prairies that marked the primary two seasons of the display. And it’s by means of some distance the most efficient factor the sizzle reel. You spot it hinted at as Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) stares at a burning tree beneath a blazing solar, and once more in its extra insidious shape when an it sounds as if nonetheless enslaved host gives an unseen customer their number of white or black hats.

Now, admittedly, there may be some wiggle room as as to whether what we’re seeing are scenes set sooner or later for those characters’ adventures or simply flashbacks in their previous. The Bernard collection, for example, surely appears to be like find it irresistible may well be a kind of visions the deficient put-upon host is vulnerable to have. And as everyone knows, Previous Guy William (Ed Harris) was once by no means happier than when he was once sadistically torturing hosts across the home.

Alternatively, one transient tease of William in his Guy in Black getup, taking pictures a Delos park body of workers member as he kneels by means of one in every of their handy-dandy futuristic automobiles, is telling. In the end, in Westworld Season 3, the William we’d adopted all over other issues of his existence was once slaughtered by means of a doppelgänger robotic (be mindful?). This host was once operating for Tessa Thompson’s new personality, who looks as if Charlotte Hale however was once actually a number with Dolores’ thoughts—yeah, we agree that was once muddled and anticlimactic too.


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