Big name Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi Trailer Breakdown: Darth Vader, 4-LOM, Purge Soldiers, and Easter Eggs

If we needed to bet, in keeping with how Disney+ displays generally tend to building up the strain to a large war of words on the finish of a chain, we’re guessing we gained’t in truth get to look a unmarried 2nd of Vader till halfway in the course of the display. This scene, which might happen in Castle Vader on Mustafar, may finally end up being a cliffhanger to tease what’s coming for Obi-Wan within the subsequent episode. If we had been putting bets, we’d say Vader displays up across the finish of episode 3.

We additionally watch as Vader’s signature chest piece is re-installed. The way in which the ones very lengthy pins are thrust into his torso positive appears painful…

4-LOM (and Zuckuss?)

Obi-Wan isn’t just being hunted via all the Empire, the Inquisitors, and his former apprentice. He’s additionally being shot at via bounty hunters! We even get a have a look at the real bounty, and it’s great to look Revenge of the Sith Obi-Wan once more.

Probably the most scum seeking to take out Obi-Wan is 4-LOM, the bug-eyed bounty hunter with the protocol droid frame. He used to be first presented in The Empire Moves Again as one of the most mercenaries employed via Darth Vader to seek down Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon.

You’ll spot 4-LOM 2nd at the proper within the well-known bounty hunter lineup scene (above) in Empire. Whilst 4-LOM best seemed as soon as at the Unique Trilogy, he’s long past directly to have many different adventures within the pages of the books and comics. You’ll these days examine him in Surprise’s Bounty Hunters comedian ebook collection, during which he continuously seems.

The trailer teases that 4-LOM didn’t come on my own. The shot of the droid shuffling into struggle weapons blazing on a rooftop temporarily cuts to every other POV of the combat. This time we see Obi-Wan capturing again at a determine that we will be able to’t somewhat make out. It’s possible you’ll simply think that is 4-LOM, apart from that this thriller 2nd attacker is capturing yellow laser bolts at Obi-Wan, whilst within the earlier shot 4-LOM shoots crimson lasers. Additionally, this 2nd determine simply appears a large extra versatile and humanoid than the stiff protocol droid. So who precisely is capturing at Obi-Wan right here?


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