Superstar Trek: Abnormal New Worlds – Will We See The Gorn?

This text accommodates minor spoilers for Superstar Trek: Abnormal New Worlds episode 1.

Superstar Trek is a franchise with a large legacy, one the more moderen collection on Paramount+ are gleeful to discover. The issue that rears its head and forestalls numerous amusing probabilities can incessantly be encompassed through a unmarried phrase: canon. What were up to now established in a film or TV episode, to many, will have to no longer be explicitly contradicted. 

Virtually from the very get started, Superstar Trek has had a spotty courting to its personal canon however most often lots of the presentations have long gone out in their solution to deal with it. A vintage instance was once in Superstar Trek: Endeavor’s use of the Romulans. Of their first look in The Unique Collection, it were established no human had ever in truth noticed a Romulan. That intended in Endeavor, set round 100 years ahead of the time of TOS, no human personality will have to lay eyes on a Romulan. The display went out of its solution to stay this constant, regardless of that includes a number of Romulan appearances. It took numerous paintings, however canon was once (most commonly) revered.

Superstar Trek: Abnormal New Worlds is apparently looking to do the similar factor with the Gorn. One of the crucial franchise’s most well liked alien races, the Gorn first gave the impression within the TOS season one episode “Enviornment” the place a member of the species did combat with Kirk. It was once established in that episode that this was once the primary time the Federation had ever met the Gorn. This would appear to preclude the concept Abnormal New Worlds, set ahead of the time of TOS, may just stumble upon everybody’s favourite reptilian baddies.


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