Megastar Trek: Peculiar New Worlds Episode 2 Evaluate – Youngsters of the Comet

Sure, this hour concludes with a classically ridiculous instance of a plan that are supposed to now not paintings in any respect however does, throughout a undertaking the place now not everybody must continue to exist however by which everybody comes house no actual worse for put on thank you to what’s necessarily blind success. The damaging moments are thwarted by way of common smarts and teamwork, a grand plan to avoid wasting the day is hatched that hinges on an unknown alien race defaulting to the non violent selection fairly than violence, and virtually each primary persona will get one thing respectable to do. It’s mainly the whole thing you are expecting from a tale like this.

However, what makes ”Youngsters of the Comet” paintings is that it’s now not simply an episode in regards to the weekly journey, it’s about how that weekly journey informs and adjustments the lives of those characters in the longer term. (All of whom I might struggle strangers for now, simply pronouncing.) We get to look Cadet Uhura’s first-ever away staff undertaking, however even though her linguistic abilities indubitably come in useful in the case of working out the music-based communications way that relic makes use of (once more, with the maths!), it’s all truly a bigger metaphor for her private adventure, which is determining that she has a spot and a long run in Starfleet. 

All through Pike’s family-style captain’s dinner—which I desperately hope we see extra of this season, and now not handiest as a result of Anson Mount rocks an apron, however as it’s so great to look those characters all get the risk to have interaction in a low-key, low-stakes surroundings—Uhura’s higher backstory is printed, one by which a kin tragedy drove her to Starfleet Academy after her folks and brother had been killed in a travel twist of fate and upended her in the past deliberate long run of educational scholarship.

Given the person who we all know Nyota Uhura grows as much as be, I feel there’s a herbal tendency to idolize this persona and her storied position at the Endeavor, however Peculiar New Worlds indubitably turns out at ease sufficient appearing us her flaws and insecurities on this episode that I don’t assume that’s going to be an issue going ahead. Is she one thing of a prodigal wunderkind? Sure, and on an extended sufficient timeline that indubitably may just get very disturbing, however presently she’s additionally nonetheless human, and the display gently pokes amusing at her uptight demeanor and treats her indecision about her long run in Starfleet as a herbal, comprehensible response to the trauma she’s skilled fairly than an in-joke everyone knows she’ll recover from someday. 

The collection makes the similar form of mild nods towards the long run we’ve already noticed for those characters even because it grounds them of their present positions at the canvas, from Nurse Chapel’s flirtation with Spock to the Vulcan’s personal ignorance of human expressions of emotion. Pike’s darkish long run is time and again referenced in refined techniques, from his endearingly awkward stumble over discussing 10-year plans with Uhura to his close to Arya Stark-like obsession with reciting the identities of the ones long run cadets whose lives he’ll someday save. (Do I would like an episode the place he’s going to want an intervention about that one day? Sure.)

There’s a captivating rigidity between Pike, Spock, and Quantity One’s reactions to the occasions that came about on Boreth. In closing week’s episode, Spock insisted that wisdom of demise used to be merely any other device of efficient management, whilst right here, Una turns out extra enthusiastic about convincing her captain that his long run is in his personal fingers and he can by hook or by crook struggle destiny. Pike appears to be someplace within the center: That is, in spite of everything, a long run he selected willingly, even though it sucks, and he turns out to imagine that his sacrifice—each on Discovery and the person who’s nonetheless ready in his long run on Megastar Trek: The Unique Collection—is and might be definitely worth the lives he’s stored. 


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