Superstar Trek: Peculiar New Worlds Episode 2 Easter Eggs and Reference Information

Persephone Machine 

The identify of the planetary machine wherein the comet is touring is named “the Persephone machine.” This identify is, in truth, one of those a low-key spoiler for all of the episode. In historical Greek mythology, Persephone used to be the goddess of the underworld, and subsequently, the lifeless. However she used to be additionally the goddess of fertility. For the reason that comet each threatens sure loss of life and is sooner or later printed to be serving to the planet have higher, extra fertile soil, nearly the whole lot you want to learn about this episode is true there within the identify. Apparently, “Persephone,” used to be additionally the identify of one in all Adam Soong’s (Brent Spiner) genetic “daughters” who died sooner than Kore (Isa Briones) within the lately concluded 2d season of Superstar Trek: Picard

The Aenar 

The brand new leader engineer of the Endeavor, Hemmer (Bruce Horak) might appear to be an Andorian, however he’s in fact a member of the Aenar, who’re regarded as a sub-species of the Andorians. First offered within the prequel sequence Superstar Trek: Endeavor — in a season 4 episode known as “The Aenar” — reputedly all individuals of the Aenar are blind. Alternatively, as Spock mentions on this episode, Hemmer has very heightened senses, which contains telepathy. This too used to be established in Endeavor.

This episode additionally signifies that Spock and Hemmer can possibly be in contact telepathically with every different, a minimum of, fairly. This suits up with what we all know in regards to the Aenar from Endeavor. In that sequence, within the 12 months 2154, the Aenar have been outcasts of the Andorians. Now, within the surroundings of Peculiar New Worlds, it’s over 100 years later, within the 12 months 2259, and it might appear, the Aenar are absolutely built-in into the Federation. Some fanatics believed that the Andorian, Thelin, in The Animated Collection episode “Yesteryear,” used to be a member of the Aenar. Whilst that’s an apocryphal assumption, visually, seeing Spock and Hemmer engage in Peculiar New Worlds may scan as one of those easter egg to Spock and Thelin in “Yesteryear.” When you squint. 

For the reason that Aenar most effective seemed within the sequence Endeavor, this marks the primary time a species that used to be completely created for that sequence has transform a sequence common on a next Superstar Trek sequence. (There aren’t any Denobulans or Xindi as sequence regulars on Discovery or Picard.) Additionally, from a chronological standpoint, Peculiar New Worlds is, in a way, an instantaneous sequel to Endeavor in the similar means Discovery used to be for its first two seasons.

This could also be the second one episode of Peculiar New Worlds in a row to openly reference Superstar Trek: Endeavor. Within the first episode, the workforce used to be rescuing the USS Archer, named for Captain Archer (Scott Bakula) from that sequence. 

The Pantless Nausicaan

Pike telling a tale to the workforce about chasing a Nausicaan without a pants is beautiful nice. It’s additionally humorous as it establishes that Endeavor captains appear to all the time be having run-ins with Nausicaans of their more youthful days. Within the well-known TNG episode “Tapestry,” we discovered {that a} younger Ensign Jean-Luc Picard were given right into a bar battle with some Nausicaans which led to him getting stabbed during the center. This redirected Picard’s profession trail rather, or a minimum of Q’s exchange measurement in that episode makes us suppose so.


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