Big name Trek: Extraordinary New Worlds Episode 1 Easter Eggs and Reference Information

No longer answering your communicator 

Pike ignoring his communicator, after which, getting immediately faced through a Starfleet officer in a shuttlecraft turns out to reference Big name Trek V: The Ultimate Frontier. In that movie, Kirk simply straight-up doesn’t take his communicator with him on a tenting go back and forth, which leads to Uhura flying a go back and forth all the way down to Yosemite Nationwide Park to pick out up him, in addition to Spock and Bones. 

Robert April, the primary Captain of the USS Endeavor NCC-1701

Adrian Holmes makes his debut as the primary live-action actor to play Robert April, a Starfleet hero with an bizarre historical past of quasi-canonicity. The identify “Robert April” was once one in all Roddenberry’s earliest concepts for the main hero of Big name Trek, which later turned into Pike, after which, after all, Kirk.

For a number of years, together with the early model of the Big name Trek: Encyclopedia, {a photograph} of Roddenberry himself, reputedly dressed in a Starfleet uniform, was once considered “Robert April.” Moreover, the quasi-canon Animated Sequence episode “The Counter-Clock Incident” offered a rather generic Robert April, voiced through James Doohan, and, who regarded roughly like a knock-off Animated Series Kirk. (This episode additionally floated the unusual concept that the Endeavor 1701 was once the primary send provided with warp pressure, which clearly makes 0 sense.) 

April’s canonicity was once just about up for debate for a long time till one second in Big name Trek: Discovery season 1, within the episode “Make a selection Your Ache,” when Saru researched famous Starfleet captains. On that listing is Pike, Georgiou, Archer, and Robert April. From there, in Discovery Season 2, Pike’s provider document additionally indicated that he was once April’s first officer at the Endeavor. This was once an overly fast Easter egg from Discovery season 2 within the episode “Brother,” however Extraordinary New Worlds takes the concept Pike was once April’s first officer as given. This is the reason April says to Pike: “Your first officer doesn’t do downtime neatly, mine was once so much like that.” By means of “mine” he method Pike. 

Spock’s engagement 

Some enthusiasts would possibly in finding Spock’s engagement to T’Pring one of those violation of canon, however in actual fact, a number of vintage TOS writers, together with Dorthohy Fontana’s novel Vulcan’s Glory, created situations through which Spock and T’Pring met previous to the occasions of “Amok Time.” Extraordinary New Worlds takes position in kind of 2258 or 2259, whilst the occasions of “Amok Time” — through which T’Pring conspires to have Spock combat Kirk to the dying — occur in 2267. This implies Spock and T’Pring have a very lengthy engagement. 

Pike is studying a file in regards to the Gorn

In brief, as Pike is taking a go back and forth as much as the Endeavor, we see on his datapad those phrases: “First Touch Record, Species Unconfirmed, GORN.” At this level in canon, the Federation doesn’t truly know a lot in regards to the Gorn. On the other hand, in Discovery season 2, Leland and Pike spoke about Cestus III, which, in TOS, is the place the Gorn attacked in the beginning of the episode “Area.”


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