Megastar Trek: Picard Season 2 Episode 5 Overview – Fly Me to the Moon

The display provides little reason behind why the Manager assigned to observe over Renee’s long term is largely a human doppelganger for Laris, the Romulan housekeeper Picard will make use of masses of years at some point, however possibly its all a artful nod to a few type of predestination, or the concept some souls are merely tied to others throughout on the other hand a few years and realities. (I’m a romantic at center, sue me. Despite the fact that I don’t essentially purchase this complete Picard is emotionally lifeless within factor that Season 2 turns out so desperate to promote me.)  However, plus facet: we do get respectable affirmation that this Watcher is attached to Gary Seven and the Megastar Trek: The Authentic Collection episode “Task Earth”, so huzzah for a particularly nerdy deep lower, display. (Which, by means of the way in which, used to be additionally a tale about protective house exploration, for what that’s value!

Again at the Los angeles Sirena, Agnes is compelled to kill the Borg Queen after she lures a French police officer to the send with grand plans of assimilating and taking on his frame. It’s now not completely transparent what the Queen approach to do with this new human shape, however I guess out of everybody in our motley team of time vacationers she has the least to lose must the timeline turn into irrevocably damaged in some new and other approach than it used to be ahead of. And, in fact, that is Megastar Trek, so despite the fact that her frame has been shot, she’s now not in point of fact lifeless, and now seems to exist as a psychological passenger in Agnes’s thoughts, courtesy of a remnant of her awareness left at the back of all through their psychological connection again in “Assimilation”.

A part of me loves the theory of Jurati having to actually raise round a snarking Borg in her head anywhere she is going, and there’s one thing surprisingly poetic in regards to the lady who has been left on my own in each fact in the end getting an everlasting psychological co-pilot on this approach. However that still turns out like a certain trail to darkness and possible madness, so possibly now not. (And as I’m some of the few who essentially loves Agnes, that undoubtedly isn’t a long term I would like for her.) However, if the Borg Queen isn’t in point of fact maximum sincerely lifeless, it a minimum of signifies that there’s nonetheless some way for the Los angeles Sirena to make it house when all that is over. 

In different places, Raffi and Seven rescue Rios from the clutches of ICE with an ease that makes me marvel another time what precisely the purpose of that complete subplot used to be and why we had to waste time on it, however a minimum of everybody’s again in combination once more in time to devise their Ocean’s 11 taste gala break-in to offer protection to and watch over Renee. The entire idea offers me severe “Stardust Town Rag” vibes and because that used to be my favourite Season 1 episode, I’m very keen to peer how this all shakes out subsequent week now that Agnes has controlled to get herself snatched by means of safety on function. (If we’re fortunate, possibly Picard should do every other ridiculous accessory. Palms crossed!) 

However “Fly Me to the Moon’s” maximum intriguing twist comes with the revelation that Q isn’t merely content material to sabotage Renee Picard’s commute to house. He’s additionally busy manipulating every other acquainted face with a connection to tales we’ve already observed: Brent Spiner is again (!!) as Dr. Soong—simply now not one we’ve met ahead of. An obvious ancestor of each Noonian and Altan Inigo Soong, this guy is a geneticist named Adam, whose daughter, Kore, is the spitting symbol of Dahj and Soji Asha.


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