Celebrity Trek Opening Credit Ranked

Track: Composer Jerry Goldsmith in reality is aware of methods to write a super “Celebrity Trek” theme. The theme for “Celebrity Trek: Voyager” is likely one of the absolute best, relishing in a large orchestral sound paying homage to the topics from the unique run of “Celebrity Trek” movies (most definitely as a result of he helped with the ones, too). The theme to “Voyager” is impressive, despite the fact that no longer fairly as catchy or memorable as the highest two at the record.

Visuals: Sure, one of the vital CGI at the intro to “Voyager” appears to be like just a little dated, however it isn’t so outlandishly cartoonish that it detracts from the entire impact, which is that “Voyager” voyages. We see the send zip round area, exploring planets, asteroid fields, and extra, and it is in reality the primary “Celebrity Trek” opening that gave an actual thought of the scope of Starfleet’s exploration. We had noticed the Endeavor zooming via area and round a couple of planets, and we had noticed Deep Area 9 chilling subsequent to Bajor, however this used to be the primary time we were given to peer the whole functions and vary of a Federation starship within the opening credit.

Trek Issue: Just about the one factor maintaining “Voyager” again is the loss of a voice-over, as a result of I would like my captain to inform me the venture each and every episode, darn it!



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