How Sam Raimi Approaches Horror Comedy

If comedy is solely tragedy + time … we need to suppose that horror comedy is tragedy + slime.

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By means of Meg Shields · Revealed on Would possibly fifth, 2022

Welcome to The Queue — your day by day distraction of curated video content material sourced from around the internet. As of late, we’re looking at a video essay that takes a take a look at how Sam Raimi approaches horror comedy.

Genres will also be useful, particularly while you’re no longer relatively certain what you’re within the temper for. Whilst the original thrill of bodily strolling between style sections in a video retailer is also a factor of the previous (boo), there’s an admitted comfort to looking “western” or “biopic” to your streaming provider of selection to chop instantly to the chase.

However style regulations have been intended to be damaged, or on the very least, bent. Style hybrids, as an example, are ample. And of all the style mishmashes available in the market, one, particularly, is particularly, uh, bizarre: horror comedy. In concept, those two genres shouldn’t paintings in combination beneath any cases. In any case, they each are geared toward eliciting utterly reverse reactions of their audiences: pleasure and terror. On the other hand, upon nearer inspection, horror and comedy percentage one key trait. Particularly: a skill for prompting visceral, base-level reactions. Screams. Gasps. Chuckles. Snorts. It’s no wonder {that a} showman like director Sam Raimi would again and again go back to such an entertainment-forward smartly. It’s the “hooting and hollering” metric. A just right horror comedy will have to make you punch the air or retch in disgust. Raimi proposes: why no longer each?

On paper, Raimi’s handful of horror comedies play like instantly horror: a boyfriend mutilating his female friend in a cursed cabin within the woods (Evil Useless II), a tender lady being pursued by means of a deathly curse (Drag Me to Hell), a dying pit stuffed with homicidal, bloated corpses (Military of Darkness) — that more or less factor! However for Raimi, the “comedy” part of items all boils all the way down to the execution, no longer, as is regularly the case with horror comedies, to winking nods to the target audience’s wisdom of the conventions and historical past of the horror style itself.

Because the video essay underneath explains in additional element, Raimi’s “funhouse gauntlet” strategy to horror comedy in the long run will depend on a various bag of methods, from exaggeration and escalation to seeing how a lot slapstick punishment Evil Useless big name Bruce Campbell is in a position to take. All that mentioned, let’s strap in, rev the ones chainsaws, and hit play:

Watch “Sam Raimi – How Does Horror Comedy Paintings?”:

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