Physician Extraordinary within the Multiverse of Insanity: Absolute best Surprise Comics and MCU Easter Eggs


We don’t want to let you know that the Illuminati are the use of Ultron sentries as their private guards, proper? It kind of feels they treated that drawback slightly bit higher than their 616 opposite numbers.


This isn’t relatively the comics lineup of the Illuminati which has at quite a lot of issues consisted of Iron Guy, Charles Xavier, Black Bolt, Physician Extraordinary, Reed Richards, Black Panther, Captain The usa, Beast, and Namor, nevertheless it’s an acceptable lineup nevertheless. There isn’t this present day a 616 an identical, even though the post-credits scenes of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings can have featured a grouping that would very a lot evolve into that down the street.

Apparently, the 838 Illuminati appear to perform out within the open versus how within the comics this used to be a gaggle so secret that now not even different heroes have been intended to find out about them.

We wrote a lot more in regards to the implications of the Illuminati for the MCU proper right here.


Seeing Hayley Atwell again as Peggy Carter? Wonderful. Seeing her kick ass as Captain Carter in are living motion? Even higher. Seeing her killed? Um…smartly…now not as exciting. However nonetheless, concern now not: that is the Captain Carter of Earth-838 now not essentially the only we met in What If…?, so we think there can be lots extra Captain Carter asskickings down the street.

Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier in Doctor Strange 2


Sure, Patrick Stewart returning for a last curtain name as Professor X is cool, however once more, this isn’t the Professor X of the Fox films, only a new variant for this film. He does, alternatively, rock his ’90s animated sequence design, visual telepathy (like within the caricature), and funky hoverchair. Your ears don’t mislead you, both…a snippet of the animated sequence theme track does certainly play on piano when he’s onscreen. We wrote extra in regards to the implications of his look right here.


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